Monday, March 14, 2018 Wayne Halpert Hi everyone, Kingsville Pickleball started in May of 2013 with only a handful of players.  Since then our numbers have grown steadily; we now have approximately ninety four (94) seasonal and part-time players. To date, the Kingsville Pickleball program has been supervised without any formal structure  ……  but the time for change has come. The responsibility of running Kingsville Pickleball has become too important to leave in the hands of so few, the reasons being - As we continue to grow, our numbers will require a disciplined framework to accommodate changing needs.  This includes, for example, the way we have handled our finances to date. Our dealings with our hosts, the Kingsville Tennis Association and the Parks & Rec Department, have become increasingly more problematic. The tasks associated with soliciting new pickleball courts are challenging. The fact that we are still a loose, informal group is hindering our ability to negotiate for new dedicated courts with the relevant stakeholders. If we want to continue to grow and make significant contributions to our community, we must formally organize. The benefits of exercise to older people are well known. A formal pickleball association, in concert with other advocates for seniors' health, can have a positive impact in Kingsville that will last for decades.
A legal, bona fide Kingsville Pickleball Association (Club/Organization), will carry more weight and respect as we interact with our elected officials, and engage in fundraising activities.  Creating such an organization will involve, among other things, electing an Executive (Pres., V.P., Treasurer, etc.) and formal financial oversight.  To better communicate with the membership, we are in the process of constructing our very own website ( ), to operate in conjunction with the Facebook page you have been familiar with for the last five years. We are hoping that everyone will be on board in this new direction we have chosen. We need formal input and participation from all our members in the running of Kingsville Pickleball. If you have talents and experience that you are willing to volunteer to make our club better, please let us know.  We are trying to have a working, transparent framework in place by our Opening Day Meeting at the beginning of May ( date to be announced ).  We hope everyone is as excited by this evolution of Kingsville Pickleball as are we. Sincerely, Wayne & Jude,  Jules & Mary, John & Kathy, Glen & Joanne
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