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POPSICLE STICK TOURNAMENT HOT! HOT! HOT! It was a great day of pickleball play for the 32 competitors in our annual Popsicle Stick Tournament. The competition was fierce but friendly as each player fought to rack up enough points to make the Championship Finals. After four brutally hot games the top 8 women and top 8 men earned a spot in the sudden death finals. In the final go-round Stuart and Kati earned the right to play off against Peter and Jean. Each point was a hard fought battle with Peter and Jean claiming the victory in the close game. Stu and Katy played a fabulous game to take home the Reserve Champion medals. Congratulations to Peter and Jean, our 2018 winners, who went home with the first place medals and will have their names engraved on our beautiful new trophy along with Stuart who was our reigning 2017 Champion. The consolation games were equally hard- fought and finalists Paula and Bill managed to defeat Glen and Mary in a very close game to earn the Consolation medals. Congratulations to all the players who participated in the tournament. The level of play was amazing and the camaraderie that was evident throughout all the games really demonstrated what this sport is all about. A special thanks to all our volunteers for their hard work. Our official photographer, Wayne, took great pictures posted on Google Photos
here and on this page, as well as creating the beautiful stained glass artwork that decorated our new trophy. John Alden designed and built the trophy. Kathy Alden organized the wonderful luncheon that followed the tournament. Chris K. and Cathy L. did a great job tabulating the scores. Gillian and Vicky kept the games running smoothly with their organization of the popsicle stick draws and Elma did a fabulous job selling the 50/50 tickets. We were very grateful when Diane drove to the store and returned with ice-cold popsicles for all! Of course, none of this would have been possible without the time, dedication and organizational skills of Joanne Morehouse. Thank you for our successful 2nd annual Popsicle Stick Tournament. The Popsicle Stick Tournament and 50/50 ticket sales brought in over $500.00 for our new pickleball courts